Steelcase and Microsoft Let You Collaborate Anywhere

Get the story behind the development of the newest Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and Steelcase Roam Mobile Cart. Chris Congdon, 360 Magazine Editor-in-Chief, and Adrienne Brewbaker, Microsoft product marketing manager, share how collaboration just got easier at NeoCon 2019.

Steelcase WorkCafé Tour at NeoCon 2019

Inspiring, iconic brands delight throughout the Steelcase WorkCafé at NeoCon 2019. Katie Slagter with the Steelcase Partners Team joins Katie Pace, 360 Real Time host, to take us through all the places you’ll want to dwell and enjoy quiet time or informal collaboration. Plus, meet our newest partners Moooi + Moooi Carpets. Discover all our partners online.

Steelcase CEO at NeoCon 2019: New Solutions for Teams

Steelcase President and CEO Jim Keane shares how solutions on display at NeoCon 2019 support customers as they shift from a focus on process and execution to one of innovation and growth. Plus, learn how Steelcase Marketplace is inspiring designers and making their lives so much easier.

New Steelcase Solutions Receive NeoCon 2019 Awards

Judges at NeoCon 2019 awarded Steelcase Flex Collection and Steelcase Roam with recognition as Steelcase showcased dynamic team neighborhoods.

Steelcase to Distribute Moooi and Moooi Carpets

This new alliance offers designers and customers access to the eclectic and playful designs of Moooi through the Steelcase dealer network.

Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game

Simon Sinek, bestselling author of “Start with Why” and “Leaders Eat Last,” challenges long-held conventional notions about business and leadership in his newest book “The Infinite Game.” Hear why he says we’re all unwitting players, why we should stop focusing on our competition and what so many leaders get wrong.