Transform 2014: On The Ground

Transform 2014 is well underway and been a great experience thus far! (To watch live, click here.) The presentations have flown by, each one providing golden nuggets of information about health, wellbeing, and the healthcare industry in general.

Some highlights so far:

  • Vaughn Kauffman of PwC sharing his  five forces shaping the healthcare landscape in the New Health Economy, including:
    1. Demographics – aging society, increased ethnic diversity
    2. Consumer empowerment – greater responsibility, demand for value
    3. S.M.A.C – Social, mobile, analytics and cloud merge
    4. New entrants – non-traditional players disrupt status quo
    5. Care anywhere – accessible healthcare through mobile, retail
  • Lauren Taylor spoke on her book, “The American Healthcare Paradox: Why Spending More is Getting Us Less“, and answered the question, “What does determine health?” with “healthcare, genetics, and a combination of social/environmental/behavioral factors.” She emphasized the importance of social services programs (e.g., employment programs, supportive housing and rent subsidies) and made it clear that quality, not volume, is what counts in healthcare.
  • Amit Sood, a physician at Mayo Clinic, is investigating mindfulness and in his research has seen positive outcomes, in the form of reduced stress and anxiety, for patients who practice mindfulness. His recommendations for a more intentional, mindful life include: Practice Gratitude; Show Compassion; Acceptance; Higher Meaning; Forgiveness.

John Hockenberry, the award-winning journalist, shared his personal healthcare journey and the importance of knowing each other personally in his role as moderator of Transform. We interviewed John after last year’s Transform.

He asked some provocative questions, among them:

  • The responsibility for healthcare is shifting to individuals — do we really understand what people need?
  • Why is patient empowerment so difficult?
  • Where do people go to get health?
  • Who is responsible for the health of our citizens?

Steelcase Health designed and furnished the Forum, a lounge and networking space intended to support connections and positive and engaged interactions.

Leaders from Steelcase Health facilitated breakout sessions in the Forum on work/life balance, on patient/people engagement, and on family caregiver support. They helped the groups think through the pain points of the topic using the categories of people, process and technology, and then they identified opportunities in the same three categories.

Stay tuned for more updates on Transform and TEDMED 2014 as Health Innovation Week continues!

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