Our Five Most Listened to Podcasts in 2019

This year’s top episodes include chats about the open office, a new twist on leadership and tricks to hack your brain.

A best-selling author, a brain scientist and a Silicon Valley design studio co-founder all make our top five list for the most listened to podcasts of 2019. We pulled the data to find out which What Workers Want (formally known as 360 Real Time) episodes were most popular in the past year.

If you’re looking for some fresh adds to your podcast feed, check out our list below and be sure to subscribe to What Workers Want wherever you get your podcasts.

#5 Why Educators Are Better Together

tom vanderark education

Learning is a lifelong pursuit — which may be why our episodes featuring education thought leaders prove to be so popular. In “Why Educators Are Better Together,” Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, and author of “Better Together,” joined us for a discussion centered around the power of networking in education. Listen Now.

#4 Open Office Truth: Love It or Leave It (Ep. 1)

Despite only launching in late November, the Open Office Truth five-part series has garnered enough listens to catapult itself to number four on our list. The series starts with an entertaining conversation with an industry journalist, retired consultant and design studio co-founder about what the history of the open office can suggest about its future. Listen Now.

#3 Why Are Some Workspaces Busy & Others Sit Empty

A collection of West Elm Work products in a lounge setting, including a Conover Plinth armless sofa, Conover Plinth ottoman, Boerum coffee table, Slope lounge chair, and Linear C-Table

Leaders from iconic brands West Elm, Blu Dot and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams help us diagnose what goes into creating a great workspace beyond the traditional desk. This episode proved so popular, we continued the conversation in our Open Office Truth series where we connect with more inspired designers from Bolia, Extremis and Moooi Carpets. Listen Now.

#2 Hack Your Brain

Dr. Jack Lewis brain scientist and author

Dr. Jack Lewis is a brain scientist and author who translates neuroscience for everyday people. Hack Your Brain was born out of a sit-down Dr. Lewis had with 360 in London. He shared powerful tips he’s collected over 20 years to help our brains perform at their best. Listen Now.

#1 Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game

Simon Sinek: Playing an Infinite Game

Far and away our most listened to episode of the year is a conversation with best-selling author Simon Sinek. In our chat about his latest book “The Infinite Game,” he challenges many long-held notions about business and leadership. Find out what he says it takes to stay in the infinite game. Listen Now.


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