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Five Essential Gifts to Outfit Your Home Office

This holiday season, shop the essentials for a harder working home office.

After months of working from home through the pandemic, people are relying on their home offices in new ways. Research indicates many organizations will still adopt a hybrid approach to work moving forward. So, even for people who have already returned to the office or are planning to come back early next year, they will likely be splitting their time between working in the office and at home. With the home being used for work more than ever before, outfitting your workspace with the right tools is essential to maximizing comfort and productivity.

This holiday season, we’re recommending five work-from-home essentials to give your space a boost.

Gesture chair in a work from home environment

Sit Supported


Lean back and get comfortable with the superior ergonomics of Gesture, designed to support the diverse ways we interact with today’s technologies. Gesture mimics the natural movement of the spine contouring to the user, creating the deepest recline for people of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable back, seat and arms give people control over their comfort and accommodate the greatest range of postures.

think chair in a work from home environment

Keep Your Body Moving

Steelcase Flex Sit-to-Stand Desk

Seamlessly transition between seated and standing postures throughout your workday with Steelcase Flex Sit-to-Stand Desk. Visually integrated directional rollers provide a stable yet mobile work experience, offering the flexibility to easily shift locations when needed. Connect your devices seamlessly with integrated power that hosts up to seven plugs. The Steelcase Flex Desk is designed to move with you and your work, supporting you through every posture and activity.

Campfire Footrest and Jenny Club Low

Kick Your Feet Up

Turnstone Campfire Footrest

A small product with a big impact, the Turnstone Campfire Footrest provides support for your feet in a variety of different postures. Shift your body weight onto the footrest when standing for a meeting or kick up your feet for a change of pace. The footrest’s light weight and cutout shape allow you to easily reposition your feet as needed. Strong and durable, the three-pound product is made from 100% recyclable material and built to withstand heavy use.

SOTO USB Charging Hub

Power Up With Ease

Soto USB Charging Hub

Whether working from your home office or the kitchen table, power up your personal devices quickly and conveniently with Soto USB Charging Hub. Available in four colors, pick the style that best matches your home setup. The hub has two charging ports to accommodate both USB-A and USB-C connectivity, and can be freestanding or mounted using the provided hook and loop strips.

Shop these WFH essentials and more at

SOTO, desk pad

Define Your Workspace

Soto Desk Pad

Clearly define your designated work area with the Soto Desk Pad. The thin cushion supports your wrists and forearms throughout the workday and provides a surface for uninhibited movement of your computer mouse. Order with antimicrobial treatment for additional safety.

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