Trendspotting at the Healthcare Design Expo

Two major trends featured in Steelcase’s exhibit space.

Steelcase spotlighted two major trends at the 2018 Healthcare Design Expo + Conference in November. Known as the industry’s premier design show, more than 3,600 industry professionals and 250 exhibitors gathered at the Phoenix Convention Center Expo Hall in Arizona. The four days were filled with keynote speakers, panel discussions and many opportunities to speak with industry leaders to discuss where the industry is headed and what healthcare design solutions to look out for.

“Our solutions respond to what healthcare providers today are facing and what patients are seeking. We always love to see how people connect with our designs,” says Nate Chandler, general manager of Steelcase Health.

The first healthcare design trend trend Steelcase focused on was flexibility. More specifically, how spaces can be designed to adapt and change over time.

“There’s lots of change happening in healthcare. It’s a very dynamic situation,” Chandler says. “So, how does a facility stay relevant over a long-term period?”

Steelcase showcased its new Convey Modular Casework designed to address this concern.

Convey Modular Casework
This multipurpose space, highlighting Convey Modular Casework, supports both relaxed and productive transitions with amenities for longer-duration waiting.

“We wanted to rethink the product and the process, and really think about this as an architectural solution, not just a piece of furniture that mounts on the wall,” says Ashley Greer, product marketing manager for Steelcase Health.

Components of the Convey system align along a continuous rail and micro-adjust for an exact fit. Also, a spectrum of modular components support smart space planning and dynamic care needs. So, as needs change, Convey adapts while looking like custom cabinetry.

The second trend highlighted was around the need for warm, inviting spaces.

Embold Collection
Featuring the Embold Collection, this flexible transition space supports multiple waiting activities while at the same time delivering a more residential, welcoming feel for healthcare environments.

“Patient satisfaction scores are increasingly important and I think facility managers and leaders want to make certain that they’re creating spaces that people enjoy and make them feel comfortable,” says Chandler.

Steelcase’s Embold Collection is designed to make it easy to add elements that offer comfort, color and a little character to any room.

“How do we make a chair feel like it’s comfortable — something you want to sit in?” explains Steelcase Health Director of Industrial Design Ryan Ramos. “It starts with our ethos, approachably refined and clinically relevant.”

Through usability research, Ramos’ team created seating options that support a variety of sizes and material options for a wide range of people and spaces.

Before the expo ended, Steelcase was awarded a Nightingale Gold for Convey Modular Casework, and a Nightingale Silver for the Embold Collection.

Find out more about Steelcase Health solutions for today’s changing healthcare environment.

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