Healthcare Design Expo + Conference Features Surround

Passionate designers and professionals converged at the conference to share best practices and top design solutions.

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Healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace and changing on almost every front. With a complex industry as its backdrop, passionate healthcare designers and professionals converged in Orlando last week (November 2017) for the Healthcare Design Expo + Conference. Those dedicated to improving the healthcare experience through design of the built environment gathered to share best practices and top healthcare design solutions.

Every year at the conference, Healthcare Design and Contract in partnership with the Center for Health Design present the Nightingale Awards recognizing contributions to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing. This year, Surround by Steelcase Health received the Innovation Award in guest/lounge seating category. Surround is a collection of healthcare furnishings designed to support family members in the patient room. Jason Vanderground, Steelcase Health brand communications manager, demonstrated Surround’s unique features that also made it a Best of NeoCon Gold award winner in the healthcare guest/lounge seating category and a finalist for the overall Best of NeoCon award.

Vanderground also joined colleague Rae Reinhart in the Steelcase Health family respite area to discuss the evolution of healthcare spaces including what new trends she’s seeing in surface materials.

Another evolving area in the healthcare built environment is the desire for biophilic elements. Biophilia is people’s innate desire to be closer to nature, promoting wellbeing and providing people with positive distractions in healthcare spaces. Vanderground spoke to Carmen Martinez from Designtex, a Steelcase brand focused on applied materials, about new designs that bring biophilia principles to healthcare. He also had the chance to ask her about Casper Cloaking Technology, a new architectural film for glass walls that balances openness and privacy.

Find out more about Steelcase Health solutions for today’s changing healthcare environment.

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