The Time for Change is Now at NeoCon 2014

Healthcare is experiencing a period of rapid change. As a result, the patient experience can often feel overwhelming. Technology advancement is at an all-time high, doctors have more data to sift through than ever before, and it’s all patients can do to keep their heads above water amidst the stress of an ill-timed diagnosis or a crisis in the family.

At Steelcase Health, we have looked for changes in healthcare that are both possible and meaningful, and we strive everyday to help people experience greater connection, empathy and wellbeing in their healthcare journeys. And that’s what we’ve demonstrated this week in our space at NeoCon.

“Through our research, we found a startling lack of places that enable privacy, focus and collaboration for clinicians,” said Caroline Kelly, a Steelcase Health Senior Design Researcher. “With increasing expectations on clinicians around patient satisfaction, technology compliance, and team-based care, we need to design workspaces for them from a human-centered perspective.”

As we detailed last week, the Steelcase Health showroom this year featured three zones: a transition space that highlights our waiting place insights; a clinician workspace, that features a provider hub and several privacy spaces; and exam spaces, featuring a multipurpose exam room and quick-care space.

Whether it’s an active waiting area that accommodates all ages and all activities, an open nurse hub that can equally support collaboration, focused tasks, and teaching and learning, or a multi-purpose exam room that replaces the traditional exam table with a recliner and makes it easier to transition from one procedure to the next, the Steelcase Health space showcases it all. The Time for Change in healthcare is now – come see us at NeoCon to see for yourself!

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