The Design Intent Behind Steelcase Health Spaces at NeoCon

Hyun Yoo, a senior Industrial Designer at Steelcase Health, was the principal designer for Steelcase Health’s space at NeoCon this year, taking place June 10-12 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. She shared some of the inspiration and design intent behind the space with us.

The showroom features two main products, Regard and Empath, and focuses on how they address the needs of the patient, their loved ones and their healthcare professionals during their healthcare journey. Using Regard, Yoo created applications that provide a palette of both place and posture throughout the space. She also thought through the variety of people and group sizes that come through a waiting area and the duration they may be visiting. The research-based and insight-led design of Regard made it quite easy to provide for these variables in a compressed footprint.

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