TEDMED Tuesday: The Great Challenges and Managing Chronic Diseases

Today’s Great Challenge: Managing Chronic Diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Chronic Diseases cause major limitations in daily living for almost 1 out of 10 Americans or about 25 million people. Defined as a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured, chronic illness affects the population worldwide. As described by the CDC, chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. It accounts for 70% of all deaths in the U.S., nearly 1.7 million each year.

Heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness and certain others are among the most costly and common chronic diseases, yet these are often among the most easily prevented and controlled.

With ongoing illness affecting such a large portion of the population on a daily basis and many of the diseases easily prevented or controlled, it’s natural to include Managing Chronic Diseases as part of the TEDMED Great Challenges.

Specifically, the Great Challenges Program is asking: Why is ‘Managing Chronic Diseases Better’ a Great Challenge of health and medicine? What is the impact and implications of the difficulties involved?

How can we innovate better approaches to help patients prevent, manage and treat their chronic diseases and achieve better outcomes?

To become an active part of thinking about this Great Challenge, join the discussion.  You can Tweet your reply with the hashtag #GreatChallenges. For an additional discussion among Steelcase Health followers, include your reply here at our blog.

The Discussion:

For more in-depth participation, conversations are taking place on TEDMED.com and during a series of live Twitter Q&A sessions about each Challenge.  Participate by posting comments and follow-up questions, engaging in real-time, multi-disciplinary dialog with all members of a Challenge Team as well as other members of the TEDMED community. The goal is to provide a meaningful engagement platform, resulting in a thought-provoking resource that can inspire new and innovative approaches. TEDMED community members are encouraged to add their voices and unique points of view.

Ultimately, success of the Great Challenges Program will be defined by lively, far-reaching and meaningful discussions that lead to deeper understanding of these complex challenges.

At Steelcase Health, we are committed to helping foster these discussions even further while bringing you relevant information and updates about the topics being discussed in the Great Challenges Program.

About The Great Challenges Program:

In 2012 during the TEDMED gathering in Washington, DC, and at other virtual venues, the TEDMED community learned about and voted for the 20 final Great Challenges of Health and Medicine.  The intention is to bring more attention and deeper understanding to the Great Challenges of Health and Medicine.

The Great Challenges are defined as persistent problems that have medical and non-medical causes, impact millions of lives, and affect the well-being of all of America.

For the coming year, the Great Challenges Program will generate a lively national dialog on the 20 Challenges chosen by the TEDMED community.  The misson of TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program is not solve these complex problems.  Instead, it proposes to provide America and the world with an unbiased and broadly inclusive view of these challenges, incorporating thoughtful multidisciplinary perspectives.

Your voice is needed as part of this open, ongoing dialogue with diverse community, so we can move toward a broad-based understanding of each challenge which can, in turn, set the stage for truly effective action. It’s time to speak up, your opinion matters!

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