TEDMED 2014: On The Ground

TEDMED 2014 is officially underway! As a contributing partner of TEDMED, Steelcase designed and furnished several environments at both the DC and San Francisco locations, including: six interactive delegate experiences, six partner simulcast spaces, power-up lounge areas, two blogger touchdowns, registrations, stage furniture, Great Challenges space, and a few outdoor settings. Steelcase Health also has a global partner space in The Hive in both DC and SF for interacting with other partners, delegates, and speakers.

How can we connect the amazing possibilities of tomorrow with the critical challenges of today? Steelcase Health and TEDMED believe the key is imagination, the astonishing human potential to think a new thought, invent a new approach, take a new road and eventually, create a new world. Celebrating the transformative power of imagination in health, science, and medicine alongside leading thinkers and doers is a thrill, and we look forward to emphasizing our message of design thinking and innovation relative to health places with this diverse community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

In The Hive, Steelcase Health built a specialized space for a high-tech blood draw offering from Theranos. As healthcare embraces alternative, consumer-facing technologies, designing new spaces for their implementation will change the face of care delivery environments as we know them. The unique space for Theranos is complete with Pocket mobile workstations, Verge stools and various seating options. TEDMED delegates will have a chance to try the tiny finger stick used instead of a regular blood draw needle, and then Theranos will run the lab tests to give people their results during the event.

The Theranos experience is simple. You register by either downloading the Theranos app or at a kiosk, and you’re signed up in about 3-4 minutes after creating an account and providing your name, birth date, email address.

The rest is hassle and pain-free:

• Meet the phlebotomist from Theranos
• Sit down in the chair
• Place a warmer on your finger, which is used to increase blood flow to finger tip
• A small, painless finger prick using their proprietary blood draw technology
• On goes a band-aid
• Get your results on the app in 24-48 hours

Theranos founder and CEO Elisabeth Holmes is speaking at TEDMED as well. She “envisions empowered patients who can take control of their health through real-time diagnosis and monitoring, with testing that has open and transparent pricing schemes.”

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