TEDMED 2013: John Maeda Explores How Design Principles Can Lead to Better Treatment

Steelcase Health is proud to once again partner with TEDMED as they bring together a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. In TEDMED tradition, the conference will focus not only on the medical issues, but will also take a look deeper into issues such as social and commercial causes that often contribute to many of the great challenges in health and medicine.

We eagerly await TEDMED 2013, with the expectation that the conference, occurring April 16-19, will generate new and insightful discussions from people with expertise in a wide variety of areas. While not always likely to collide in everyday life, the speakers will come together at TEDMED to bring new ideas and thoughts to the critical conversations surrounding health, medicine, and well-being. Their discussions will be at the forefront of spurring unexpected connections with people, places, and ideas while further driving innovation by sharing their ideas and sparking more.

John Maeda is one such thought-leader who is presenting at TEDMED 2013. We’re excited to hear his talk as he explores the question, “How can design principles lead to more discovery and better treatment?”

Consistent with how we think at Steelcase Health, Maeda integrates technology, design and leadership into a 21st-century synthesis of creativity and innovation. This thinking perfectly suits the direction of products such as Regard and Pocket for iPad, which will both be featured in the Steelcase Health space at TEDMED.

With such a creative and forward-thinking posture, we believe Maeda’s TEDMED presentation will further spur the discussion of design and better treatment. This only makes us wonder what other discussions and connections it will bring about. How might it improve patient outcomes? What’s your prediction? Have you previously had the chance to see Maeda speak? We can’t wait.

Learn more about John Maeda and other TEDMED 2013 speakers here.

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