TEDMED 2013: Four Talks Dig Deep to Improve the Health of Caregivers and Patients

TEDMED 2013 is fast approaching, April 16-19. Less than 30 days away – not that we’re counting or anything! It’s just a sign of our excitement. Partnering with an organization as passionate as TEDMED and engaging with the community of thought leaders and innovators who will be in attendance at TEDMED is truly rewarding. We anticipate an increased depth of thinking and inspiration which will result in forward movement catapulted from the conference.

Helping spur this movement are a group of exceptional thought-leaders, who will present talks that make us dig deeper and think even further about the issues at hand – issues that go beyond medical issues, but also address social and commercial issues that lead to great challenges in health and medicine.

In addition to John Maeda, who we highlighted in our most recent post, we’re excited to hear from four thought-leaders who will examine what appears to be the broader issue of how to improve the health of the professional caregiver and the patient.

America Bracho is one thought-leader who is presenting at TEDMED 2013. We’re anxious to hear her ideas on, “What’s the right prescription for respecting the patient?” Her expertise is in public health education and health behavior and her primary focus as a leading infectious disease physician is addressing health disparities from the top down and the bottom up.

Roni Zeiger will add to the overarching issue of how to better improve the health of the professional caregiver and the patient by examining the question: “Who is the real medical expert?” While the initial response may be “it’s obvious”, Steelcase Health knows all too well that patients and family members become their own best advocates and know their individual health best, while the professional caregivers provide significant expertise and experience for their care.

Zeiger will add another dimension to the conversation, with his expertise in social media and health, and as former chief health strategist for Google, he is one speaker I don’t want to miss.

Michael Porter is addressing: “How can we improve health care if doctors don’t know if they’re any good?”, while Harvey Fineberg is examining: “What is the U.S. health disadvantage?” These two discussions can likely be linked, and the ideas can at some level be investigated together.

As a Harvard economist, Porter will help us discern ways to address value in healthcare. There have been so many different conversations around this topic, it will be interesting to see how he links his expertise to a method for helping doctors determine if they are any good.

Fineberg will speak on the U.S. health disadvantage – is it related to financial stability, infrastructure, access to care or many other factors? Perhaps at the core is the need to improve the health of both patients and professional caregivers. While some healthcare environments are doing it in leaps and bounds, others are not. It’s a healthcare system, and many complex factors must work together to make it more than it already is, to provide greater health advantages.

We can’t wait to hear these speakers and see how their topics converge!

Learn more about America Bracho, Roni Zieger, Michael Porter, and Harvey Fineberg and other TEDMED 2013 speakers here.

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