TEDMED 2013: Can the Smartphone and a Few Apps Change the Face of the Traditional Physical?

Glucose. Blood pressure. Cholesterol. Weight. Add a few additional routine checks, and you have the makeup of the traditional physical. And the tools needed are just as standard – scale, blood pressure cuff, etc – you get the gist.

But what if the experience was different? What if it mimicked the routine of old, while merging in today’s technology? What would that experience look like? How would the patient feel? Finally, how does that change the future of healthcare?

This year, Steelcase Health and Medgadget join ranks to take a look at just that. We invite you to join the experience.

Join Steelcase Health and MedGadget for a Smartphone Physical (SPP) at TEDMED 2013

Discover your numbers by joining us for a hands-on experience as we marry the smartphone, apps and a few accessories to perform non-intrusive smartphone physicals at TEDMED 2013. From numbers as traditional as weight and blood pressure to less traditional data such as oxygen saturation and lung function, we’ll be looking at it all. Plus, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss how such innovative technology can help reveal patient data that in times past would have been more laborious, more expensive, and more time-consuming to obtain.

How to get your SPP:

Stop by the Steelcase Health space in the Hive during TEDMED 2013, April 16-19 to sign up.

Learn more about The Smartphone Physical

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