Steelcase Health POV: Mobile Work Solutions For Healthcare As a Bridge for Technology

We can all relate, albeit with varying degrees of adoption.  First it’s a cell phone.  Then you start to think, “hmm, a smart phone would be nice”.  And all of a sudden that flat screen monitor just “doesn’t work” for you anymore and you need a laptop.  Then a smaller laptop.  And  now maybe you are contemplating purchasing some type of tablet.  (That tablet that you were never going to “need”).  Need is a funny word.  Because what you feel is “needed” today quite possibly did not even exist five years ago.  Stop and think about that for a minute….what did your computer, phone and way of accessing the Internet look like a mere five years back?

Technology – whether you like it, hate it, or love it –  impacts everything.  And the one thing that you can  be certain of is that it will inevitably change.

So what does this all mean for the future of healthcare?  What type of product solutions can Steelcase Health bring to the table that deliver a simple, flexible, mobile solution that support not only the change in work processes, but the change in technology as well?

Before we could jump to solutions….we had to do our homework.  We had to understand and observe these various work processes in practice. And we went straight to the source: visiting hospitals, observing procedures, walking in the shoes of clinicians and peering through the eyes of patients.  By understanding how people, objects and environments converge, Steelcase Health developed a series of insights surrounding technology and mobile work solutions as they relate to the healthcare experience:

One:  Clinical procedures do not stand still.  They are constantly evolving. Doctors and nurses need the freedom to adapt current practices to new technology and new standards of care.

Two:  The pace of technological change is accelerating.  More procedures are moving to the patient room. Doctors and nurses need the flexibility to integrate technology into the delivery of care without forgetting about the patient.

Three:  No two hospitals do things exactly the same way.  People make small variations to accommodate patients, technology and budgets.

Enter Pocket.  Pocket is much more than a cart.  Pocket is a mobile work solution with an insight-based design.  Providing not only the best solution for mobile work, but serving as a bridge between technology, clinicians and patients.

We talked above about the fact that clinical procedures do not stand still. Well, neither do clinicians.  In fact, in a typical shift a clinician walks on average anywhere from 3-5 miles.  All the while taking their technology, information and tools with them.  They require a solution that is not only mobile, but comfortable and natural that allows for the customization required to support variations in workstyles.  Pocket does just that.  Pocket allows for clinicians to put everything they need in one place, and then allows that place to move with them.  And the best part, Pocket is non-prescriptive.  Non task-specific.  The inherent simplicity in its design results in its capability to adapt and accommodate process, procedure and user variations and preferences.

We also talked above about the fact that clinicians require the ability to adapt current practices to new technology.  Again, recall what your technology situation looked like five years ago.  Now imagine if Pocket was your mobile work solution at that time.  With a simple, non-prescriptive surface you would have had the capability to migrate from a monitor and keyboard, to a large laptop to a small laptop – all without re-designing or changing your mobile work solution.  And that same solution is still valid when you move to a tablet or smart phone as your main computing device.

Pocket allows your technology and work flow practices to change, and responds with accommodation and adaptation that is inherent to the design.  And all of this means Pocket delivers an excellent value over the lifetime of the product.

Procedures change, Pocket is ready.  Facilities change, Pocket is ready.  Technology changes, Pocket is ready.

Are you?

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