Social Media Usage

Ed Bennett’s (@EdBennett) blog successfully brings the worlds of social media and healthcare together. He provides social media resources to healthcare professionals, and can be counted on to provide the latest statistics on what hospitals are doing what when it comes to social media. I found some of his recent postings particularly interesting:

The breakdown of social media usage is mostly predictable: Facebook and Twitter dominate, while YouTube and LinkedIn also have a strong showing. The big surprise to me, however, was the prevalence of Foursquare. The location-based social networking site runs a strong second in terms of total users. This speaks to its ease of use, as you don’t have to keep it updated with content as you do with a blog or Twitter account, and also its growing popularity. It can be used to promote blood drives and other fundraising and charity events, by rewarding those who ‘check-in’ to their location.

The growth in YouTube and Twitter usage over the past several years has been astounding. After both starting out slowly, once they began to catch on and gain momentum and buzz, adoption exploded and exponentially increased. They each seem to have leveled however in the past year or so, as growth has slowed, and the number of hospitals without an account dwindled. Now that adoption seems to be at or near full capacity, the focus shifts to the next challenge: keeping these platforms stocked with original content.


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