Regard Installed at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport!

As you know, Steelcase Health has just launched Regard, and one of its first installations is at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, as part of a brand-new Visitor Information Area. The installation has two settings: first, a media cabinet for a walk-up information area that will have a touch screen monitor; and second, a Regard booth with a table, with two iPads mounted for access to information, and a custom brochure rack.

“We see this new information center as an attractive, purposeful landing place for people to either get a great first impression of the area or to have a positive, helpful experience at GFIA and in West Michigan,” said Deb Bailey, Director of Community Relations at Steelcase. “This space serves as a nice touchpoint for travelers to be welcomed to West Michigan, speak one-on-one with someone ready to lend a hand, wait for baggage, sit and unwind and gain easy access to information through smart technology in a relaxed, modern setting. It is an exciting addition to this airport in our wonderful, ever-growing city.”

The new visitor area at GFIA, the second busiest airport in Michigan, is staffed by friendly city ambassadors and is a comfortable and convenient place to accommodate travelers. With a variety of spaces within the area, visitors can relax and browse on the provided iPads, or use the interactive walk-up screen to quickly find what they need, such as area restaurants, hotel contact information, cab services, or weather information.

“This energized and very functional space for visitor interaction is much more reflective of the overall Grand Rapids brand,” said Experience Grand Rapids President Doug Small. “With world-class infrastructure and design from our partners at Steelcase and the ability to serve today’s technologically advanced traveler, visitor satisfaction at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport will move to the next level.”

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Steelcase and Experience Grand Rapids to redesign the visitor information area. The new space will be enjoyed by millions of passengers and visitors each year, and provide our Experience Grand Rapids Ambassador staff a wonderful area to assist West Michigan travelers,” said GFIA Executive Director Brian Ryks.

When you travel through Grand Rapids, please take a few minutes (if you’re not rushing to catch your flight!) to stop by the information booth and check out Regard in action!

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    Sam Hyer

    What are the office chairs that grace the small room for people to plug in and work? I have health issues and those chairs actually seemed for the time in them…I was pain free. Thank you for you time in answering name and places to purchase.