One Workplace – Redefining Healthcare Environments and Workspaces

3One Workplace is the largest commercial furniture dealer in northern California, and the single source for Steelcase Health and Steelcase furniture in the San Francisco Bay area.

In May, One Workplace opened its new headquarters showroom at 2500 De La Cruz Blvd., in Santa Clara, Calif., downsizing from 45,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet of office, showroom, and workspace. The project successfully connected an existing office building and 25,000 square feet of warehouse into the re-imagined workplace, and also added 2,500 square feet dedicated to interconnected and integrated healthcare environments including nurses’ stations, exam and patient rooms, common areas, and more.

A Different Kind of Place

“The showroom is quite different from the old space which emphasized providing a highly realistic, ‘typical’, experience using vignettes and separate spaces — two exam rooms, two patient rooms, etc.,” said Terry de la Cuesta, IIDA, CID, LEED® AP, EDAC, the Executive Director of Healthcare Environments at One Workplace. “When we moved, it changed the way we work. The new showroom is more contemporary, creative, collaborative, and compressed. It’s a connective workplace. It’s important to remember that healthcare environments are workplaces as well as places of care.”

In addition, the showroom looks different – it’s much more collaborative and flexible. There are many advantages to the flexibility, including the ability to showcase Steelcase Health’s newest products. “The idea is to refresh the showroom with new product on a regular basis, update products more frequently, not showcase everything we carry,” continued de la Cuesta. “That way we can maintain relevant environments and feature products and solutions which are fitting.”

One Workplace welcomes customers, but also accommodates a growing staff of 193 people. The key to handling this population growth in a smaller workspace is an increased efficiency, which was achieved by the reduction in workstation footprints and a move by the majority of the sales team to a mobile work-flow where workers do not have dedicated workstations. Mobile workers store their belongings at a centralized location and work either at a shared workstation or in the soft seating of the work cafe or alternate work areas.

Showroom Focus

“The new showroom tells the story of real estate optimization; enhancing collaboration by integrating technology and products such as Sync™ and Mediascape®; attracting, developing and engaging with people; building brand and culture; and creating wellbeing at work,” said Kathleen Lapidus, EDAC, an Area Healthcare Manager of Steelcase Health. “It’s a large, interwoven story.”

From a product standpoint, there is an emphasis on:

  • Innovation in waiting – Regard™ is highlighted in the waiting and common areas
  • Integration of technology – Mediascape is featured, to illustrate how doctors and caregivers can provide education
  • Inclusion of Empath™ in multiple settings in the showroom

“While each product has an original intent when introduced, Steelcase Health continues to innovate their products past their initial introduction, refining products to meet market needs. Steelcase Health also can customize products if it’s what’s needed to make the solution a perfect fit,” said Bethany Sadler, Senior Designer of Healthcare Environments at One Workplace.

“Regard is a perfect example of being nimble,” said Sadler. “It’s not only used in the healthcare environments portion of the showroom, but overflows into other areas — Regard is becoming a meeting place, people are working on it, sitting at tables, plugging-in, using the ottomans. It’s difficult to describe how many Regard configurations are possible without showcasing them as we have done in the showroom. There are 10 configurations with the ability to literally accommodate 25+ people.”

“In healthcare environments, people are picky,” said Sadler. “They want choices to accommodate their desire for comfort. But more than that, they don’t want any downtime. Regard enables them to select different postures and plug in their technology easily.”

The Reaction

“Our old showroom is a tough act to follow — it was much larger and showcased everything. But people didn’t know what to expect. This showroom tells an entirely different story — it’s interactive, integrated and holistic. People don’t just walk through, they sit down and stay awhile,” de la Cuesta said .

“Customers are seeing spaces they didn’t see before, such as telemedicine, consultation spaces, and the integration of technology beyond touch-down spaces,” said Lapidus. “People have followed up after touring and want to see it again to get more specific info about a product. There’s just so much to take in — and it’s quite the experience.”

It Matters

To gain even greater insight into the design philosophy behind One Workplace, here are two great reads: a case study by Design Blitz, the architectural firm which helped create the showroom, and a review by Interior Design Magazine.

Interested in learning more or scheduling a tour? If so, contact One Workplace.

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