Nurture by Steelcase is now Steelcase Health

Putting People at the Center of Health Experiences

Designing for the human factor can help healthcare organizations enhance the connections that are vital to successful outcomes.

Healthcare is in a time of great change. We’re seeing shifts…

… to a focus on wellbeing

… to a business model where providers are rewarded for successful outcomes and patient satisfaction

… to a process that demands greater collaboration between patients, caregivers and partners

And we are responding to these changing dynamics.

Introducing Steelcase Health

Since Nurture by Steelcase was established in 2006, we have focused on insight-driven, user-centered approaches to healthcare. We are building on that foundation as Steelcase Health. Steelcase Health continues to advance our core belief in the power of place to deliver greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved in the experience of health.

We believe in the power of place

We study the places that support health, and then we deliver insights, applications and solutions to create moments that can lead to change – moments that enhance interactions and engagement between clinicians, patients and families.

For more information on this evolution, and to see our latest insights, applications and solutions, visit us at

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  • Author

    Deborah Martinez

    I saw a chair that i liked at my local Kaiser Hospital..wondering if it was for sale to the public. Nurture, by Steelcase, Model HN220F, SPL Malibu Open Back Theraputic Chair. Please advise if this is still available for sale. Thanks in advance for your help. Best, Deborah

    • Author

      Regina P.

      Deborah, Thank you for the inquiry. We’ll be happy to follow up and see how we can assist you.

    • Author

      Jamie Gibson

      I to know the answer as well.

    • Author

      Lisa Morrow

      The Malibu chair (HN220) is still available. Here is a link to product info on

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