NeoCon 2013: Day One

Steelcase Health’s Director of Industrial Design Alan Rheault leads a group through the Steelcase Health showroom. Alan led the charge in designing Regard, Steelcase Health’s award-winning, innovative solution entered in the Best of NeoCon Guest/Lounge Seating category.

And Regard wins! The rise of technology and changing needs of patients, clinicians and loved ones have drastically changed the face of healthcare, and Regard solves for just those very things. Read more on Regard here.

Members of the Smartphone Physical team from Medgadget administer physicals to visitors in the Steelcase Health showroom. See how the patient and doctor are able to be close together, and at the same eye-level? Empath is designed to humanize the patient-doctor relationship, while helping the patient to relax. Mission accomplished!

Shiv Gaglani of the Medgadget team gives someone a retina scan while a crowd looks on. Pocket allows him to immediately enter the data into his iPad, and yet remain face-to-face with his patient.

For more pictures of the Steelcase Health showroom at NeoCon 2013, please check out our Facebook page.

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