Medical Technology Changes Interface Between Patients and Doctors

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, systematic communication between healthcare providers, patients and their families results in better patient care and shorter hospital stays, and may also improve family outcomes. This finding was based on a review of previously published research examining the impact of interventions to improve communication for those with advanced or serious illness.

There’s no doubt that technology is expanding healthcare communication in doctor-patient relationships, offering an opportunity to enhance communication as well as the depth of information that can be tracked and communicated. Technology is:

  • providing patients with personal health management tools 
  • empowering patients to conduct their own research, seeking answers and medical information online
  • utilizing telehealth as a forum for healthcare delivery

A video taken at the 2012 Health Care Summit explores how “Technology is Changing Healthcare.” Interesting highlights from the video include:

  • Doctor-patient relationships are here – it’s not just hype
  • Managing chronic illnesses
  • Predicting catastrophic illnesses
  • Living comfortably the last couple of days of our lives
  • Doctor may become the second opinion vs. the first opinion
  • Telehealth in India
  • Patient/Doctor…who should have the final opinion?
  • Should doctors empower/encourage patients to discuss the information they’ve found on the internet?

In a day and age where technology often serves as an additional appendage, it only seems appropriate that it be used to enhance the patient experience. There are so many opportunities and apps to help enhance communication and the quality of care. Even a quick online app review reveals multiple options, not to mention those that your healthcare provider may suggest.

Are you using technology to enhance your experience with your care provider(s)?  Have you found that technology enhances your overall medical communication experience? Do you like the direction that technology is moving patient-doctor communication?

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