Key Moments and Great Conversations in Healthcare

There are many key moments in healthcare. They are all around you, before, during and after you get sick or injured. From the moment you enter your doctor’s office, to the waiting room, to the physical exam and discussion with your doctor, to going home and implementing whatever treatment was prescribed, these are all crucial moments in your healthcare journey that can help determine whether it’s a positive or negative experience.

Great conversations, with a nurse, with a doctor, even with a stranger you met while waiting for your name to be called, can have a tangible, lasting effect on your healthcare experience. Whether it’s simply a greeting that cheered you up, a great story that made you laugh, or thought-provoking questions or intriguing answers that gave you some peace of mind, taking advantage of those key moments is what Steelcase Health and our newest Nightingale Award-winning product Regard are all about.

All of the above were in full swing during Healthcare Design 2012 this week in Phoenix, as attendees and Steelcase Health staff had great conversations surrounding key moments in the patient journey. Conversations went beyond the obvious, because in reality the patient journey consists of more than just being transported by an ambulance, checking into an acute care center, filling out paperwork, being examined, and being released. Emotion – fear, anxiety and even joy – is part of the story. Accommodating loved ones is part of the story. And learning is part of the story.

This was the conversation – how healthcare solutions have the potential to affect the key moments that each party involved, patient, loved one, and caregiver, have to deal with. As attendees and staff engaged in dialogue, evidence of several great conversations was apparent. Exchanging personal and professional stories, groups moved from space to space, changed posture, sat for a while, stood for a while – and all was supported by Regard.

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