Healthcare Design Conference 2014

Steelcase Health works with leading healthcare organizations to create places that help people experience greater connection, empathy and wellbeing, and the Healthcare Design Conference is the perfect place to demonstrate that.

While most HCD attendees are aware that we are now Steelcase Health, for many the upcoming conference (November 15-18 in sunny San Diego) will be their first opportunity to experience the new brand and interact with us, and fully understand what we mean when we say healthcare is in the midst of a time for change. At Steelcase Health, we look for the changes that are possible, meaningful, personal, and pivotal for the people involved. We study the places that support health and then deliver insights, applications and solutions designed to create moments that can lead to change.

This year we’re very excited because, for the first time, Steelcase Health is the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of HCD 2014.

Our Healthcare Design 2014 booth will feature an interesting mix of semi-open and semi-private settings. They blend accessibility, connection, shared learning and collaboration, while at the same time defining personal space and privacy.

There will be five main applications in our booth, featuring products such as Regard, Empath, Sync, Pocket, Verge and Sonata:

  • Semi-Open Treatment Area: This area is one of a suite of infusion treatment applications from our Healthcare: Time for Change Insights and Applications guide. This application that will be shown is designed to provide personal space for the patient and family, yet allows them to interact with and support other infusion patients. Together, the full set of applications in the guide is designed to accommodate many scenarios, from private treatment areas to communal spaces that encourage patients to form friendships and personal support networks with others with similar treatment experiences.
  • Open Nurse Hub: Clinicians need more than just a place for tasks. They need places that support collaboration, focus, teaching, learning and quick social exchanges, as well as places that enhance their work and their wellbeing.
  • Clinician Respite: It’s designed to be a space that’s separated from the rest of the floor for clinicians to recharge, reflect or take care of personal matters.
  • Semi-Private Booth Hospitality: This is a more casual setting for increased focus while clinicians collaborate or connect.
  • Waiting Space (with the Charlie Harper application from DesignTex): Waiting is common in healthcare, yet it tends to be uncomfortable, unproductive and often undermines wellbeing. We believe it is possible to create places for connecting with others, accessing information and reducing stress.

See you in San Diego!

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