Healthcare Design Conference 2013 – Coming Soon!

At Steelcase Health, we understand that healthcare is in the midst of a period of great change. Whether it’s the shift from volume-based care to a more value-oriented system, or an increasingly active patient thanks to great strides being achieved in technology, we know that connections between people, information and places have the ability to help improve healthcare experiences and outcomes. Our goal is that our insight-led spaces integrate the various components of the healthcare experience (people, place, and technology), in order to humanize the experience, enable people to make better decisions and choices, and create connections that improve outcomes.

To this end, we are excited to be participating in Healthcare Design Conference 2013. A new reality is emerging in healthcare, one that enables people to take control of their own healthcare journey, and we hope to continue exploring it at this year’s conference, in Orlando November 16-19.

This year at Healthcare Design, Steelcase Health is offering new ideas for exam room spaces and clinician workspaces. Exam spaces need to focus on supporting not just procedures and treatment, but teaching and learning about health status, conditions and healthy lifestyles. This means leveraging multiple methods of connecting people and information, and fully incorporating technology, including smart devices, apps and web-based information for diagnosing and treating patients, accessing and sharing information, and communicating effectively.

Clinician workspaces must be designed to increase clinicians’ effectiveness and wellbeing by providing a palette of places that support diverse activities — collaboration, focused work and personal renewal. They promote transparency and a team approach to healthcare. They include solutions that adjust quickly with intuitive interfaces so that a broad diversity of users can work comfortably, safely and efficiently. They also create flexibility with modular furnishings and technology that accommodate mobile workflows.

Steelcase Health Schedule during HCD ‘13:


Facility tours 1 – 5pm


Facility tours (8 – 11am)

Education sessions (8am – 3pm), keynote (3 – 4:15pm)

Booth open/opening reception (4:30 – 7:30pm)


Education sessions (8am – 5pm)

Booth open (10:30 – 1:30pm)


Education sessions (8am – 2:15pm)

Booth open (10:30 – 1pm)

Closing keynote (2:30 – 4pm)

We hope to see you during the conference. If you’re not able to attend, follow the Steelcase Health Blog and social media channels to see photos and updates!

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