Health Innovation Week Part 1: Transform 2014

Transform 2014, hosted by the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation, kicks off on Sunday, and to say we’re excited would be an understatement! The first half of our Health Innovation Week, Transform “addresses tough questions, focuses on results and engages attendees to catalyze practical innovation for health and health care.” John Hockenberry, who we were able to interview after last year’s conference, returns to moderate again this year, to bring his unique perspective to the stage.

As always, the most valuable part of Transform is the sessions. (See the full list of speakers here.) The sessions “increase understanding of the problems we all face, identify opportunities we all have today, and inspire action during a time of uncertainty and change for health care.”

Here are a few of the session descriptions:

  • Opening Session: A reality check to identify common ground for making better decisions about the future of health and health care.
  • Insights: The responsibility for health care is shifting to individuals — do we really understand what people need?
  • Metamorphosis: How is innovation in business helping us think differently about the delivery and experience of health and care?
  • Persistence: Good ideas are only that if they aren’t implemented — what does it take to get the job done?

Another immensely valuable aspect of Transform is engaging and networking with the speakers and other attendees. The workshops are always terrific, and this year they’ll take place again in the Forum. The Forum “is the social hub of Transform where people connect, engage and collaborate. Building on the enthusiastic response to the Forum in 2013, the planning team is excited to announce that it will expand in 2014 with new offerings for sharing insights and opportunities for thinking differently to catalyze innovation now.”

Can’t attend? Tune in regularly to our blog and social media accounts, and follow the hashtag #TXFM to see all of the Transform-related tweets!

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