Google Glass: Breakthrough Healthcare Innovation?

We try to write about emerging medical technologies regularly in this space, as certain products, once they gain enough momentum and rate of adoption, have the ability to redefine and transform the healthcare system and the delivery of healthcare. That’s something that is very important to us here at Steelcase Health, breakthrough innovations that have the ability to improve lives and better the healthcare in this country and globally. Google Glass seems to be one of those products that has a chance to transform the way we think about delivering and receiving healthcare. The videos below, featuring Google Glass pioneers and innovators, will hopefully help you understand this fascinating technology and its vast potential a bit better.

In this TEDx talk, Dr. Rafael Grossman, the first surgeon to actually use Google Glass in surgery, discusses telemedicine, the benefits of using technology in healthcare, and how Glass and other wearable devices and consumer technologies fit in. Check out the 5:00 minute mark for a discussion of telehealth, and skip to 8:45 to learn about these innovative technologies, particularly Glass.

Kyle Semani, the CEO of Pristine, a company founded to use Google Glass to help hospitals deliver safer, more coordinated, and more cost effective care, demonstrates how Glass works, talks about its various functions, and then discusses its overall place in healthcare going forward.

So what do you think? Hot trend destined to fizzle out? Or the real deal, here to stay and improve the healthcare system in the near and far future? Let us know how you think Glass could make your healthcare journey easier!

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