Designing for the Human Experience: Steelcase Health’s Nationwide Road Trip

Over the course of the next few months, the Steelcase Health team will be traversing the country, stopping in 13 cities to team up with local dealers to bring an exclusive event to your doorstep. The goal of each event is to share research and insights Steelcase Health has found around human-centered design in healthcare.  Are you interested in learning more about connected care and insights-driven design principles? Are you keen to take part in interactive sessions that teach you about the impact the physical space can have on your health? If the answer is yes, check out the map below and see where you can stop into an event happening near you.

These interactive events hosted by Steelcase Health will bring together local health leaders, design experts and industry players. Attendees will:

  • Hear from local healthcare leaders and professionals on industry trends and challenges for the year ahead
  • Speak directly with Steelcase Health leaders on recent research and the resulting insights
  • Uncover insights from Steelcase Health’s recently released State of Clinicians & Nurses Report, which examines the day-to-day job-related injuries clinicians face, and explore solutions to reduce risk and improve patient care
  • Witness patient transfers firsthand, using a Steelcase Health-made ‘third-age suit’ (which restricts the mobility of the wearer so they understand what it is like for patients getting around the hospital) – and learn ways to keep bed-to-chair transfers safer for both the patient and the clinician
  • Obtain a Smartphone Physical  – an example of a comprehensive physical examination conducted by minimal equipment that connects to an iPhone – created by Medgadget through a partnership with Steelcase Health, which debuted at TEDMED 2013
  • Learn about Empath – Steelcase Health’s award-winning recliner designed to meet  the needs of both the caregiver and patient through its versatile, insight-driven design
  • Some events will feature an option to tour a local healthcare facility

If you have any questions, feel free to tweet us @steelcasehealth.

These events are guaranteed to be a fun and educational way to understand the impact of design on healthcare outcomes. Hope to see you there!

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