Be Inspired. Be Well. The 9 Visual Rules of Wellness

This past Tuesday, Oct 19,  on a beautiful autumn NYC evening  at the Steelcase showroom over looking  Central Park, Steelcase Health/Steelcase hosted an event that may just have, well, changed everything.   Deepak Chopra and Alexander Tsiaras  announced their global wellness initiative,” The 9 Visual Rules of Wellness” initiative.   The  genetic proof was shown how we can turn back the hands of time by following these rules.   Amazing, really.   To watch a 3-D video of a baby from conception to delivery – how we are born perfect only to spend a lifetime to destroy what could remain so wonderful – was unbelievable (visit to view the videos… cool stuff).  The best part is that through Deepak and Alexander’s research, we can take control and change the path of potential destruction, and, within just a few months can add years back to our life.

It was a who’s who in the media event.   ABC News, CBS, Fox, Parade… you name it, they were there to learn about this tremendous effort.   Intermixed with this media were high profile companies such as Quest Diagnostics, GE, Frito Lay (yes… Frito Lay wanting to support wellness – and they actually have a legitimate plan on how ) who believe in Deepak and Alexander’s mission.   Moreover, there were big financial supporters and socialites a plenty – definitely a people watching/meeting night.

What are the  9 Visual Rules of Wellness?  In a nutshell:

1. Baseline your health

2. Define your wellness mission

3. Develop and maintain nutritional balance

4. Get aerobic and anerobic exercise

5. Never smoke.  Quit now if you do.

6. Take a moderate approach

7. Make sleep a priority

8. Manage your stress

9. Embrace Joy

Seems pretty obvious, right?  But it was crazy to see how each one of these areas, if ill managed, really do effect your body/mind.   Seriously, learn more.  Visit

What’s wild about the Rules is that it is so very, well, practical.  But how many of us actually practice these individual rules well?  After experiencing the evening, I reflected on what I could start changing, via the Rules, immediately in my life.   Get more sleep… manage stress better… enjoy more.  What could you change today that would make a difference tomorrow?

I’m excited to learn more of this global initiative over the next year. It’s not just talk – it’s scientifically proven – it’s real.  Inspiring.

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