10 Trends and the Next 10 Years of Facility Design. Where do we go from here?

A recent blog post by Sara Marberry of the Center for Health Design (CHD),  examined 10 trends impacting the next 10 years of facility design.

When reviewing these trends, there is no doubt that they are on target.  Out of a curiosity to learn, I wonder which of these trends you are most affected by and how you are managing the impact?

Review the trends and impacts listed below and let us know.

Predicted Trends:

1. Aging of America: the Baby Boom generation as the driver of what is and what will be.

Impact on facilities: hospitals and clinics spaces that support the physical challenges faced by the over 60 crowd; geriatric EDs; models for senior living that support urban renewal; universal design for new or renovated homes.

2. New Technologies: advancement of Nano technology, telemedicin, home monitoring equipment, “do-it-yourself” diagnostic apps for smart phones/tablets.

Impact on facilities: shrinking of the hospital; spaces that support use of these technologies.

3. Patient, Worker, and Environmental Health and Safety: corporate responsibility for sustainability, increased focus on reducing infections, errors, injury.

Impact on facilities: more green hospitals; emphasis on evidence-based design.

4. Experience Architecture: movement from service economy to experience economy, customer-focus.

Impact on facilities: access to nature and natural light; positive distractions; places of respite.

5. Healthy Living: emphasis on physical activity, connection to community.

Impact on facilities: spaces that promote physical activity; more destination locations, gathering places for community support and socialization

6. Wellness: connection to other living things, mind-body relationship to illness.

Impact on facilities: access to nature; positive distractions; places of respite.

7. Decentralized Healthcare: shift to managed contracts, clinic-based care.

Impact on facilities: shrinking of the hospital; smaller tertiary clinics; more retail clinics.

8. Staying Home: becomes an extension of the acute care system.

Impact on facilities: shrinking of the hospital; home renovations to accommodate different abilities/needs; universal design in new construction.

9. Flexibility: need for adaptable buildings to meet changing modes of delivery.

Impact on facilities: more modular concepts for walls, floors.

10. Accountable Healthcare: changes in reimbursement policies, focus on care coordination and keeping people well.

Impact on facilities: spaces that foster interaction and communication for team-based care.

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