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Issue 69

Making Distance Disappear

For teams that collaborate across locations, videoconferencing means new ways of working—and new complexities. As interactions go virtual, how a workplace is designed has unprecedented power to support the journey toward becoming a highly functional team.

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Issue 68

The Privacy Crisis

No organization can succeed if its workforce isn’t engaged. And yet the signals are stronger than ever that far too many high-potential employees are chronically disengaged at work—unmotivated, unproductive and overly stressed, with little capacity to think creatively…

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Issue 67

Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue

Worker wellbeing is a hot topic and extends beyond measures of personal satisfaction or fulfillment. It’s critical to an organization’s ability to innovate and thrive. In this issue, we share new Steelcase research and insights about the factors…

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Issue 66

The New I.Q.

The thirst for innovation has never been stronger and organizations everywhere are pursuing every possible way to amplify their innovation quotient. Most organizations unknowingly overlook a crucial success factor: the role of physical space. Work-places that are intelligently…

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Issue 65

Culture Code

Global integration is a strategic business goal in today’s interconnected and interdependent economy. The workplace is an underutilized asset that organizations can leverage to accelerate the complex process of integration. Leading organizations that understand the role culture plays…

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Issue 64

Future Focused

At significant milestones it’s important to look forward. As Steelcase celebrates its 100th anniversary we asked thought leaders both inside and outside the company to share their insights and perspectives on how organizations should be thinking about…

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Issue 63

The Next Office

On the priority list for senior executives everywhere: maximize assets, cut costs, compete in the new economy, boost innovation, build the brand. Meanwhile, topping the list of most-overlooked yet waiting-to-be-leveraged assets: the office. The solution is Steelcase’s concept…

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Issue 62

Is Your Workplace Ready?

The world is more interconnected than ever. We’re all world citizens now. Events across the globe instantly affect our personal and work lives. Or more accurately, our now-combined work/life. Alternative work strategies that are designed for the diverse…