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Founded in 1983, SnapCab got their start building elevator interiors. Their innovative mindset lead to the development of the SnapCab Pod.

Highly Mobile Enclosed Pods

The demand for noise and distraction prevention in the open plan environment is high. Leaders looking to incorporate private and enclosed spaces quickly and affordably can do so with SnapCab. These stand-alone office pods are simple to install and easy to move.

In addition to our IRYS pod, Steelcase is proud to partner with SnapCab to be the exclusive distributor of SnapCab Pods for corporate environments, healthcare and education in North America.

Unique Experience

Product shown with special, non-standard film treatment from Designtex.

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SnapCab Pods provide the opportunity for independent concentration or collaboration with colleagues. Available in various sizes, SnapCab Pods provide an experience that supports productivity with quiet ventilation for constant air flow, LED lighting for consistent illumination and an option for Corning® Gorilla® Glass markerboard. For sustainability, an occupancy sensor keeps lighting and fans on only when needed.

Making it Easy

Simple to move

Reconfigure your office as often as needed. Built on casters, SnapCab Pods are highly mobile for creating a new layout or adjusting a space – simply move the pod over an inch. Or, make a designated pod area by integrating multiple units close together. A finished layout comes together in just hours.

Budget friendly

From a telephone booth for one to a pod seating up to six, SnapCab offers three sizes at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

Simple to install

Installation of your pod is fast – think half a day – thanks to its modular construction, clear labeling and plug-and-play electrical connection.

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Which Pod is for You?

In many workplaces, individuals and teams spend their time switching gears from group work to solo focus tasks. To support these different work modes and provide the needed amount of privacy, it is important to offer a range of spaces that people can select from based on their needs.

Steelcase’s pod portfolio addresses these design needs and workplace challenges by providing stand-alone spaces. Take our quiz to find out which pod solution best suits your needs..

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Pods are a popular way to add privacy to the open plan. But, how do you know which pod is right for you?

Pods 101: Do’s and Don’ts for Today’s Office Hot Spot

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When SnapCab CEO Glenn Bostock was approached to create a pod for the office, he ended up designing a solution for noise, distraction and lack of privacy in his own workplace.

How Elevator Design Inspired SnapCab’s Office Pods

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Three design strategies for supporting privacy in the workplace give choice and control back to workers.

Supporting Your Need for Office Privacy


Surface Materials
Global Availability



SnapCab Pod S

Exterior dimensions: 42.5″ x 46″
Exterior height: 91″
Interior dimensions: 36.5″ x 40″
Interior height: 78″
Door width (left-handed): 30″
Capacity: 1 – 2 people

SnapCab Pod M

Exterior dimensions: 53″ x 77″
Exterior height: 91″
Interior dimensions: 47″ x 71″
Interior height: 78″
Door width (left-handed): 30″
Capacity: 2 – 4 people

SnapCab Pod L

Exterior dimensions: 77″ x 77″
Exterior height: 91″
Interior dimensions: 71″ x 71″
Interior height: 78″
Door width (left-handed): 30″
Capacity: 4 – 6 people

Surface Materials

Surface Materials

Pod Exterior Formica® Code
White (gloss – 90) 949-90
Fossil (matte – 58) 5249-58
Aged Ash (woodbrush – WR) 8844-WR
Blackened Steel (matte – 58) 8918-58
Walnut Riftwood (natural grain – NG) 9283-NG
Pod Interior Formica® Code
White (gloss – 90) 949-90
White Twill (matte – 58) 9285-58
White Twill (matte – 58) 9285-58
Mouse (matte – 58) 928-58
White Twill (matte – 58) 9285-58
Charcoal Grey Acoustic Material

Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • North America
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