Turnstone Shortcut X Base

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A fresh take on casual seating, Turnstone's Shortcut X Base's clean lines and modern aesthetic bring style and elegance to the home and office.


Modern Simplicity

Shortcut X Base brings an elevated design aesthetic to any space, from conference rooms to casual lounge areas or training spaces. With a flexible back, abbreviated elbow rests that stay out of the way and a modern metal base, Shortcut X Base transforms spaces by bringing the warmth of home into the office.


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Designed to be simple and elegant, Shortcut X Base’s clean, modern style shines in minimalist settings. Engineered for today’s office, its sleek wire base offers durability while remaining lightweight and easy to move. Shortcut X Base provides beautiful, comfortable side seating for waiting and for working.




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Shortcut X Base is available in 11 shell colors to complement any space. Choose neutral tones for a bold monochromatic look or make a statement with colors that accent your brand.


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Add accents of color and a layer of comfort with Shortcut X Base’s optional cushion. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you’ll create a look that’s all your own.

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Personalize Shortcut’s wire base by choosing a custom finish from Steelcase Standard Paints, Steelcase Accent Paints, Lux Coatings or PerfectMatch paint.

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