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EMU Pattern Seating

by Coalesse

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Structural lightness. The EMU Pattern Series plays with a structure of transparency and lightness. When immersed in the landscape, the perforated metal dissolves into dappled outlines — bringing modern technology into harmony with natural beauty.


Crafted by Arik Levy, EMU Pattern is a playful and evocative family of stackable chairs, bench seating, and tables, all with a distinct hexagonal pattern. The chairs are available with or without arms and comes in 5 textured colors to match any setting or color scheme.

  • Armchair and bench
  • Outdoor grade powder coat in 5 textured matte colors
  • 100% Recyclable/Press-molded Steel

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Global Availability

Global Availability

Global Availability

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  • North America
  • Middle East (based on approval)
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