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Table Tent

by Steelcase

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Table Tent is a personal screen that provides on-demand privacy and shielding at a desk or table.
Coming Spring 2021

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Immediate Privacy

Table Tent provides personal privacy when it’s time to focus. With shielding on three sides and overhead, Table Tent blocks out visual distractions and quickly converts any desk, bench or table into a safe and private place to work. Table Tent is able to accommodate a range of technology — from monitors to docking stations — and with no clips or clamps Table Tent is easy to set up and easy to move.


Two Sizes

Available in two sizes, Table Tent fits on a wide variety of desk and table worksurfaces.

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Technology Integration

The roomy enclosure of Table Tent allows it to integrate easily with monitor arms and docking stations.

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Connection Free

Table Tent sits freely on any worksurface without the help of clips or clamps.  And because it is connection free, there is zero interference with height-adjustable desks or power supplies.

Table Tent

Simple Assembly

Fiberglass rods insert into reinforced fabric pockets for quick and easy assembly

Table Tent


When not in use, Table Tents nest together neatly for convenient storage.

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Steelcase Work Tents Collection

Steelcase Work Tents is a collection of versatile privacy solutions – inspired by tents, designed for the workplace. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents provide privacy and shelter in the office — in an unexpected and delightful way.

Discover the Steelcase Work Tents Collection

Steelcase Work Tents Family


Available Sizes:

  • Small - 41” width, 22.5” depth, 30” height
  • Large - 53” width, 27” depth, 33” height

Surface Materials:

  • Fabric:  Ascent 
  • Top Panel: Ascent Arctic White
  • Outer Trim: Sterling Dark
  • Fiberglass Rods:  Milk

Table Tent comes ready to assemble.

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