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Guardiair™ Air Filtration Unit 

by Steelcase

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    The Guardiair™ Air Filtration Unit – a Steelcase Partner Product by Clean Rooms International – helps mitigate the spread of airborne particles that could cause infection and promotes cleaner air.

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    Powerful Proven Performance

    Clean, filtered air promotes healthier environments and provides the safer workplaces people want more than ever. From waiting rooms and classrooms to offices, restaurants and more, Guardiair answers the call for efficient, effective air filtration to defend against airborne particles that can cause infection and those that carry bacteria, pollutants and allergens – while building trust and reassurance for individuals and groups coming to gather.



    Dimensions 17″D x 24″W x 39.5″H
    Weight 124 lbs
    Prefilter Merv 8
    Filter HEPA certified
    Cubic Feet of Air per Minute (CFM) 225-660 CFM
    Air Changes per Hour 6 air changes per hour in a 825 sq foot room with an 8 foot ceiling.

    *air changes per hour is dependent on the cubic feet of the space, the Guardiair speed

    Decibels 50-64 (dependent on unit variable speed)
    Voltage 115V
    Energy Usage 131-197 Watts
    UL Certified Yes


    Please reach out to LineOne at:
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