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The Sylvi lounge system invites people to get creative with its angular style and remarkable range. Designed with performance in mind, Sylvi provides privacy, postural support and connection.

Work Every Angle

The Sylvi lounge system invites people to come together and get creative with its upbeat, angular sense of style and remarkable range. Designed with performance in mind, Sylvi provides the privacy, postural support and connection people need to be productive.

Creative Configuration

Achieve a remarkable range of ganged and freestanding configurations. Sylvi rectangular and wedge lounges combine with Sylvi tables to encourage social and creative work.

Sylvi’s signature shapes and angles enable unique applications, including a firepit-like circle, a serpentine setting and a modern café booth. Seating and tables gang side to side or front to back to make designing inspired 360° configurations simple.

Scalability is key to success in the open plan. With Sylvi, you can think big – and small. Transform a sprawling common area or optimize a compact hallway nook. Sylvi creates destinations for collaboration and connection that fit your goals and your floor plan.

Canvas for Expression

Clean, angular design and timeless appeal makes Sylvi feel at home almost anywhere: a bustling student center, a vibrant café, a quiet library corner, a creative hub in the open office.

With its simple form and waterfall edge, Sylvi spotlights your style and makes the most of your material of choice. Go bold with pattern and texture. Or subtly blend with the surrounding setting. Versatile Sylvi sets you free to create the statement, brand and culture you envision.

Privacy, Posture + Power

Sylvi offers comfort that works, empowering people to perform at their best. Back panels can be added to a variety of Sylvi configurations to define a setting, create a space within a space and add visual privacy so people and teams can focus. Low enough for open site lines yet high enough to create enclosure, the angled panel design feels inviting to passersby while creating intimacy for conversations.

The seat and back of each Sylvi lounge come together at an angle carefully calibrated to provide real support for informal working postures. Add a ganging table or a round lolli-top table to create a landing place for technology and personal belongings.

Modular outlets make it easy to plug in and charge up devices. Power simply and seamlessly spans across ganged lounge applications with a single infeed. Just configure and connect.


Standard + Optional Features
Global Availability

Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features


  • Rectangular
  • Wedge
  • Double Wedge
  • Bench

Back Panels

  • Rectangular
  • Wedge (Right and Left-Handed)
  • Double wedge
  • Rectangular Ganged Back Panels (for rectangle lounges and square ganging table

Ganging Tables

  • Kite: for in-line applications
  • Rectangular: for in-line and end-of-run applications
  • Square: for in-line, end-of-run and corner applications
  • Lolli Top: for end-of-run applications

Occasional Tables

  • Round: with pedestal or 4-leg base
  • Square: with pedestal or 4-leg base
  • Oval: with 4-leg base
  • Rectangle: with 4-leg base
  • Rock: with 4-leg base

Collaborative Table

  • Collaborative Booth: with pedestal base


  • Consecutively Connected Modular:
    • Starter Kit
    • Power Module Kit
    • Pass-Through Kit
  • Individually Corded
  • Hardwired
  • Power Configuration Choices: two power or one power + two USB A charging ports
  • Plug Type: NEMA or low profile

Surface Materials


  • Black 7207
  • Milk 4242
  • Merle 7360
  • Platinum Metallic 4799
  • Perfect Match


  • Standard
  • Graded-In
  • COM
  • Contrast Seat and Back
  • Pattern Match

Back Panels and Tabletops

  • Laminate grades 1 and 2
  • Open line laminate




  • Rectangular: 42”W, 66”W and 96”W, 31″H, 16″SH
  • Wedge: 49″W and 73″W, 31″H, 16″SH”
  • Double Wedge: 56″W and 80″W, 31″H, 16″
  • Bench: 42”W, 31″H, 16″SH

Back Panels

  • Rectangular: 48″H, 42″W, 66″W and 96″W
  • Wedge (right and left-handed): 48″H, 49″W and 73″W
  • Double wedge: 48″H, 56″W and 80”W
  • Rectangular ganged back panels (for rectangle lounges and square ganging table): 48″H, 66″W and 90”W

Ganging Tables

  • Kite: in-line applications, 12”H x 19 4/5”W x 27 4/5”L
  • Rectangular: in-line and end-of-run applications, 12”H x 16”W x 24”L
  • Square: in-line, end-of-run and corner applications, 12”H x 24”W x 24”L

Occasional Tables

  • Square: 13” H; 24”W x 24”L and 36”W x 36”L
  • Round: 13”H; 24”D, 30”D and 42”D
  • Rectangular: 13”H x 42”W x 24”L
  • Oval: 13”H x 54”W x 24”L
  • Rock: 13″H x 54″W x 28″L

Collaborative Table:

  • Booth: 26 ½”H x 60”W x 30”L


  • Consecutively connected modular:
    • Starter Kit: 72”L and 120”L cord
    • Power Module Kit: 48”L cord
    • Pass-Through Kit: 24”L cord
  • Corded: 72”L and 120”L cord
  • Hardwired: 72”L cord
  • Power Configuration: two power or one power, one USB A
  • Plug Type: NEMA or low profile
  • All power is tamper-resistant

Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • North America
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