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Elbrook Table Collection 

by Steelcase Learning

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    The Elbrook Table Collection lets learners move in, out, and around classrooms with ease.


    Move. Gather. Learn.

    With Elbrook, learning flows naturally. Elbrook tables feature curved edges that welcome students to gather from any direction. Worksurface shapes were designed to accommodate students’ belongings, like laptops, phones and water bottles, while the inset legs and low-profile bases reduce barriers so students can move around with ease.

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    Product Details

    Active learning is best supported in open, free-flowing environments. So we created Elbrook—a collection of organically shaped tables with inset legs and low-profile bases that make movement throughout a space easy, so everyone can focus on what matters most—learning.

    Warranty: Steelcase Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty


    • Worksurface shapes are designed with curved edges to encourage gathering on any side of the table.
    • Recessed table legs are inset to allow maximum knee space while sitting around the table.
    • Skateboard Wheels are highly durable for an ultra smooth movement when reconfiguring.
    • Lounge, seated, and standing heights are available for a variety of spaces.
    • Low profile bases are unobtrusive as users pull up to work.


    Available in lounge (26″), seated (28.5″), and standing (38.5″) heights,

    19″D x 35″W

    42″D x 42″W

    24″D x 64″W

    32″D x 72″W

    46″D x 84″W

    34, 36, 38, 42, 48″W

    Rectangle Small
    19″ D x 34, 48, 60, 66, 72, 84″W

    Rectangle Medium
    24″D x 48, 60, 66, 72, 84″W

    Rectangle Large
    30″D x 48, 60, 66, 72, 84″W

    Rectangle Extra Large
    42″D x 48, 60, 66, 72, 84, 90″W

    34, 36, 38, 42, 48″W



    • HPL
    • OLL (option)

    3 mm radius profile edge

    • Plastic

    Column and base

    • Paint
    • PG1 (standard)
    • PG2 (option)
    • PG3 (option)


    • Black with black Steelcase logo


    This product is available in the United States

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We create products that are good for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.
    Our Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

    • Source materials responsibly
    • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
    • Ensure material health
    • Enable end-of-use strategies

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    Open interactive in-between spaces should invite people to organically work and learn together with furniture designed to enable collaboration, screens

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