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Kontrol BioCloud®

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    Detection is an important layer to infection control, providing increased peace-of-mind for your employees. Return to the office with Kontrol BioCloud®'s real-time viral and pathogen detection capabilities as a key part of your safety story.


    How it Works

    BioCloud is a wall-mounted unit that combines a proprietary SARS-CoV-2 detection chamber with an advanced, continuous air sampling process.

    The air sampling system draws air in and optimizes the air for analysis. The sample flows through the detection chamber which uses both a viral collider and a chemical process to trap virus particles and identifies the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a laser sensor.

    When a virus of concern is detected, BioCloud has the ability to communicate through local intranet, Wifi, Bluetooth, the front screen, and Cloud based platforms to allow silent alarms to be issued to key personnel.

    Each BioCloud is a self-contained analyzer that requires no additional laboratory tests or movement of samples. The propriety detection chamber and cartridges can be safely replaced as needed, or after detection event.


    • Provides continuous reassurance of a pathogen-free space
    • Flexibility to be connected to an existing HVAC system or as a standalone device
    • Easy installation to a wall or a stand
    • Capabilities for bluetooth connectivity for notifications
    • Options for a silent alert with an optional visual and audible alarm
    • Notifications can be integrated into existing software platforms or pushed to cloud-based platforms
    • Certified by ESAFE to CSA standard SPE-1000

    About Kontrol

    Kontrol BioCloud Inc. is a Kontrol Technologies Company, which is a Canadian public company and is a leader in smart buildings and cities through IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology. Kontrol provides a combination of software, hardware, and service solutions to its customers to improve energy management, air quality and continuous emission monitoring.

    Additional information about Kontrol Technologies Corp. can be found at


    Dimensions 15.7”L x 14.0”W x 8.0”H (400 mm x 350 mm x 200 mm)
    Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
    Detection Range 1,250 square feet
    Color White or Gray
    Decibels 50 to 55 dbc
    Voltage 90-240 VAC
    Approximate Detection Time 15 min*
    Energy Use 140 – 200 watts
    ESAFE to UL Standards (USA) Yes
    ESAFE to CSA Standards (Canada) Yes
    Wall mounted hanging system Yes
    Mobile stand (optional) Yes*
    Warranty 1 year
    Communication Email or text 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac for notification connectivity
    Independent Validation Yes*
    Touch Screen 7.0” WVGA
    Air Flow 50 – 248 CFM

    *The Approximate Detection Time calculations are based on a number of assumptions and referenced scientific research. There are numerous factors which can have an impact on detection times.

    *See UWO Lab Research Report.

    *Optional with extra charge.

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