• dash

    The dash and dash mini LED task lights feature clean lines, fluid movement and a timeless aesthetic. dash is available with a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, which turns the light off when it’s not in use.


    Out of the way, yet always where you need it - the SOTO LED Task Light is the perfect companion for just about any sized work area.

  • LED Personal Task Light

    The LED personal task light uses just 14 watts of energy.

  • Campfire Big Lamp

    Campfire Big Lamp by turnstone creates a warm, welcoming, space-defining canopy for any space.

  • LED Linear Desktop

    Classic design and modern functions - the LED Linear Desktop personal task light combines energy-efficiency and touch-sensitive LED technology.

  • LED Linear Shelf

    A lighting solution for the unique needs of linear shelving surfaces and for underneath overhead storage, the LED Linear Shelf light combines high-quality illumination and energy-efficient LED technology into one versatile design.

  • LED Radial Desktop

    Visual comfort and control in one attractive task light. Dimmable with a soft blended light pattern and fully articulated body, LED Radial Desktop provides precisely positioned light.

  • Shelf Lights

    Give users greater control of their workspace with performance-enhancing, energy-smart shelf lighting from Steelcase.

  • LED Shelf Light

    The LED Shelf Light is our most efficient shelf light, using half the energy of our traditional T8 shelf lights.