Aguacate 8023
Imagen mostrada: Warp Vertical

Materials are displayed for reference and may vary by screen. Please refer to a physical sample for actual color and detail

Material Type Tejidos
Precio Grado de precio 5
Offering Colección Select
Marca Steelcase, Coalesse
Contenido 95% Wool, 5% Polyamide
Aplicación Tejido Sillería
Disponibilidad global Europe, Middle East, Africa
Sustainability Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, EU Ecolabel Certified
Abrasion Wyzenbeek 140,000 Martindale Cycles
Dry Crocking 5
Wet Crocking 5
Solidez del color a la luz Pass
Brush Pill 4
Fire Retardancy Cumple norma EN1021-1 y EN1021-2
Fabric Backing None
Topical Finish None
Peso 628.4 grams per linear meter
Anchura 140 cm
Country of Origin Lithuania
Garantía 5 Años