We help customers capture and make sense of the relationship between their people, spaces and technology so their workplace can be more desirable and productive and their people more engaged and satisfied.


Your Greatest Assets are Underutilized

People and places are an organization’s greatest assets – and their largest expense. Steelcase research shows that on average, only 54% of office space is used throughout the day and over 37% of employees are not engaged at work.

How we help

We equip organizations with the tools to measure the places where people work to create data that inform smart decisions, spaces that respond to changing needs and investments that perform for a powerful return.

Our Smart + Connected solutions empower the people who plan – and use – the workplace with the tools, data and insights they need to do their best work.


54 %

of office space used


37 %

of workers are disengaged


Space Measurement

Steelcase Workplace Advisor is a suite of space measurement and analysis tools which provide facts and insight on space usage revealing opportunities to elevate performance. The data these tools collect lets space tell you what’s happening and what’s possible so you can decide what to do next.

Workplace Advisor Study

Workplace Advisor Study is a short-term space measurement engagement paired with in-depth analysis and consultation. The process reveals what people want and use to optimize an organization’s investment before or after a major space change.

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Collaborating + Scheduling

We make it easier for employees to reserve and book the spaces they need and then collaborate effectively when they are there.

  • Room Wizard is a scheduling system that allows users to book and reserve spaces, making it easy to get the most out of their connected spaces.
  • media:scape thoughtfully integrates furniture and workplace technology bringing people, space and information together to enhance productivity and help groups excel.
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Room Wizard

RoomWizard is a web-based meeting room scheduling system that solves the dilemma of booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces.

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Smart + Connected Workplace media:scape Collaboration Technology Open image tooltip


media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for a greater collaborative work environment and more productivity than ever before.

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360 Research

Kuwait University Students Design Future Workspace 360 article Open image tooltip
November 26, 2021

Kuwait University Students Design Future Workspace

Students explored and redesigned a piece of architectural modern heritage, Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem’s Al-Nuwaiseeb palace.
Woman looking out on a window Open image tooltip
November 18, 2021

Six Hybrid Work Challenges Human Resource Professionals Face Now

New research finds key hybrid work issues to resolve before they put business at risk.
AM Education Learning Classrooms No Masks Open image tooltip
November 5, 2021

Three Concepts for Creating Better Hybrid Learning Spaces

These key principles can help facilitate better learning experiences for hybrid classes and teams.
4 people looking at the camera and posing Open image tooltip
November 1, 2021

Joining Hands

Annamrita and Steelcase Pune Change Corp come together to battle hunger in India.
Open image tooltip
October 20, 2021

The Science of Aerosols

Professor Bourouiba’s preliminary learnings could help companies better prepare for the implications of other respiratory diseases like influenza.
West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Building Bridges Through Education Open image tooltip
October 14, 2021

Supporting LatinX Talent Pipelines

Our partner The West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was named a 2021 Excelencia in Education finalist for their equitable talent pipeline program, Building Bridges Through Education.
Case Study ICN environment Open image tooltip
October 14, 2021

New Flexible Learning Spaces Transform Collaboration at ICN Business School

Station A enhances collaboration with external companies and exchange between teachers and students.
Impact Report related link Open image tooltip
October 12, 2021

2021 Impact Report: Executive Welcome

Steelcase is pleased to have set third-party verified science-based targets around carbon, strengthened our DEI efforts and published new governance policies to protect the rights of our people.
work better Open image tooltip
October 6, 2021

Blueprint for Inclusive Workplaces of the Future

How to create compelling destinations where everyone can contribute.
Hybrid Culture Open image tooltip
October 5, 2021

Creating a Hybrid Culture

Throughout the pandemic people have changed how they shop, where they live, how they learn, and, for many, how they work. Hybrid work is familiar territory for some, but a seismic shift in how work happens for many organisations.
Portrait of Sara Armbruster at the Studio Set Open image tooltip
October 4, 2021

Sara Armbruster Becomes Steelcase President and CEO

Steelcase announced today (Oct. 4, 2021) Sara Armbruster has succeeded Jim Keane as president and chief executive officer. Keane, who previously announced his plan to retire in January 2022, will continue at Steelcase as vice chair until his retirement from the company.
Lakeland Community College Case Study woman seating at a table, LessThanFive chair Open image tooltip
September 24, 2021

Centering Wellbeing in Education

When Steelcase researchers began to delve deep into the topic of wellbeing in education in 2019, they could not predict that it would become a full-blown crisis during the course of their investigation.

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The Future of Work is Creative

Learn about the Microsoft and Steelcase partnership including Creative Spaces — an immersive ecosystem that brings together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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An episodic workplace study that empowers facility managers and decision makers with easy-to-understand data, giving them the information they need to make the most of real estate and support employees Open image tooltip

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