New Offices Restore Ancient Principles

A unique perspective shows us how an ancient Chinese philosophy supports the idea of giving employees choice and control over

Workspace Design Challenge Awards Mentoring

Autodesk and Steelcase partner to put on a home and office design challenge. When Coalesse design director, John Hamilton, was

Watch: Grant Helps Saluda Trail Middle School

Grant Helps Saluda Trail Middle School Implement Active Learning, Transform Engagement Levels With more than 850 students, 30 percent of

Workers Rejecting the sea of sameness

A cultural movement is redefining how and where work is done. Chris Congdon, director of global research communications for Steelcase, discusses how standardizing workplaces for efficiency with a uniform approach limits the worker’s potential for inspiration, creativity, and social connections.

7 Habits of Innovation

In preparation for their move into Steelcase’s new innovation center, a cross-discipline team developed a manifesto of sorts for new residents. The aim: accelerating insights to innovation.

Movement Improves Employee Wellbeing

The truth is, sitting isn’t killing us. But as this paper will demonstrate, sitting in poor postures for long periods with little movement and few breaks for standing or walking can impact our health and reduce our productivity.

Benching: An Idea Whose Time Has Come…Again

The workbench is a workplace tradition. From the wood tables used for centuries to today’s sleek, technology-infused versions , benching is a concept that continues to evolve.