The Newmark School Adds Flexible Space

The Newmark School is focused on providing a positive learning environment for its special needs students. Administrators, teachers and parents are focused on environments that are flexible, comfortable, high-tech, and optimistic for their students. See how they are using space as a strategic tool to help students reach their full potential.

Coastline Adds Verb to Classroom

See what happens when two classes at Coastline Community College experience a Verb classroom for the first time.

Stanford Aids Design Thinking

The’s philosophy holds that space, furniture, tools, and technology are integral to pedagogy. Students are encouraged to display their ideas and work in progress. See how they use their space to promote behaviors critical to design thinking, such as empathy and experimentation.

Clintondale HS: Rethinking the Classroom

Flipping a school causes teachers to rethink classroom procedures and pedagogies. Since lectures are on video, more class time involves collaborative work between students and teachers, students and peers.

Teaching the Teachers

Ohalo College in Katzrin, Israel, takes an innovative approach to space, pedagogy and technology to educate a new generation of teachers, putting it at the leading edge of faculty development and training.

A New Learning Curve

A growing body of research and in-classroom experience show that what’s commonly called the “sit and get” style of learning couldn’t be more wrong. In order to keep the brain active, the evidence shows clearly that we need to move.

Class, Can I Have Your Attention?

Every educator wants fully engaged students. But first you have to get and hold their attention in the classroom. Based on the latest research, here are seven insights on how to do that.

A New Learning Curve

Why is there so much passive instruction in classrooms today where instructors are still giving traditional lectures rather than adopting active learning pedagogies?

University Reimagines the Library Experience

Like every space on campus, the library now is being rethought and reorganized. See how Grand Valley State University in Michigan and Steelcase applied the principles of active learning to completely reimagine the library experience.