Sustainability Spotlight

In our latest Corporate Sustainability Report, we’re sharing opportunities we've had this past year to help our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment—and at the same time expand our sphere of positive influence.

Scaling-up Sustainability

Unlocking human promise is a purpose that inspires us and creates an internal imperative to make intentional choices. Fulfilling our purpose requires that we extend ourselves well beyond our four walls to help create the economic, environmental and social conditions that will allow people to reach their full potential.

In our latest Corporate Sustainability Report, we’re sharing opportunities we’ve had this past year to help our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment—and at the same time expand our sphere of positive influence.

Investing in Renewable Energy

We grew our renewable energy investments to an equivalent of 100 percent of our global electricity consumption and migrated from a regional energy strategy to a global one. At the same time, we created a first-of-its-kind program to encourage our suppliers to purchase clean renewable energy. Supplier participants will benefit from Steelcase’s negotiated rate. All of this was an effort to recognize our impact by investing in and expanding global demand for renewable energy. That’s good for our business, our customers and the communities and environments we all share.

Strengthening Communities

Last year, Steelcase Inc. and our philanthropic arm, The Steelcase Foundation, donated more than $5.3 million to our charitable partners including the United Way and urban education initiatives. And we set a new record for employee giving with more than $485,000 in matching gifts. The grassrootslevel efforts of our employees are helping to improve local communities, providing vital assistance, collaboration and, most important, promise. In the past three years, volunteer hours of U.S.- based employees have grown by over 30 percent.

Partnering with Customers

In the last year, more world-class companies such as BASF, Lenovo and Verizon have turned to Steelcase to help optimize space, foster collaboration, provide privacy, reinforce brand and culture, and contribute to talent retention across millions of square feet within their worldwide offices. We’re working with customers through our innovative end-of-use programs that resell, reuse and recycle used office furnishings—keeping materials out of landfills and extending the useful life of valuable assets.

Renewable Energy

In three years we’ve moved from a 19% investment to 100% investment globally in wind and hydroelectric renewable energy credits.


$5.3 million
In total funding from the Steelcase Foundation
$1.2 millon
In total funding from Steelcase Inc.

End-of-Use Strategies

50 million
Pounds diverted from landfill through our North America end-of-use program.
Workstations recycled, donated or resold in Europe.

When it comes to sustainability we will always be able to do more. The ongoing challenge is to scale our impact. When we widen our lens and expand our sphere of influence we create vastly better conditions for people and a whole lot more good in the world.

We hope the stories included in this year’s CSR Report give you a sense of our work and our progress. We also hope you’ll inspire us with a few stories of your own. Email us at

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