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FrameFour is designed to support people no matter how they need to get their job done.

At work, we’re constantly on the go. We may move from writing a report to brainstorming with a team to presenting a key initiative all before lunch. Unless we are engaged at work, these constant shifts can take a toll on our productivity and creativity.

This is one reason Steelcase partnered with research firm Ipsos for a groundbreaking workplace study. The Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace found an alarming one-third of workers in 20 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged and another third are somewhere in the middle.



The Global Report is the first comprehensive study on the correlation between our physical environment at work and employee engagement. It found engaged employees have more choice and control over how and where they work. They can collaborate easily with team members and work in a more private setting depending on the task at hand. They can move throughout the day and find ways to easily feel physically reinvigorated.

This research led Steelcase’s team of global designers to create FrameFour, a real-estate efficient workspace designed to support people no matter how they need to get their job done.

Range of Spaces

We transition from one space to another more than six times a day. Each time we lose an average of eight minutes relocating, reconnecting and getting back to work. FrameFour makes those transitions practically seamless by offering a consistent variety of spaces designed to support individual focus, small group collaboration or large team conferences.


Resident Workers

Today many of us carry the tools we need to do our jobs with us. Workspaces need to provide a place to store personal belongings, recharge technology and focus. FrameFour’s secure storage leg keeps bags and personal effects off the worksurface and out of the aisle. And, easy to reach power access allows people to charge up to three devices at the same time.


Nomadic Workers

Nomadic workers can find it difficult to get comfortable at work and establish a destination to call home. Whether working alone or with colleagues, people can see and be seen by their peers in the Nomadic Zone. FrameFour allows for single or back-to-back configurations making it easy to set-up a focus or collaborative space.



FrameFour also offers the flexibility needed to design deep collaboration spaces needed for project work. A sleek leg and broad worksurface afford productive team work sessions.

Find out more about FrameFour’s key features by watching our video or visiting

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