Infographic: Reimagining How Leaders Work

Leaders are working in new ways to create a more agile workforce and boost employee engagement.

In this ever-changing business environment, top leaders are rethinking how to lead and create more robust organizations. By understanding business as a complex adaptive system, a series of interconnected and interdependent parts, organizations can foster resilience and thrive in the midst of unpredictable circumstances.

Whether it’s changing the workplace culture, encouraging more distributed decision-making or working in more matrixed organizations, leaders are reporting working in new ways to create a more agile workforce and boost employee engagement.


The latest Steelcase research identifies how physical space can help leaders reshape their organization’s culture and performance overall. Steelcase has built a new leadership prototype around key design principles meant to foster an adaptive culture. To read more about the evolution of the leadership community, read 360 Magazine’s “The New Leader.”

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