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Innovative office space for Renault in Madrid

For more than 100 years, Renault has successfully reinvented the automotive industry and has become one of the largest automotive groups worldwide.

For more than 100 years, Renault has successfully reinvented the automotive industry and has become one of the largest automotive groups worldwide. To mark this growth over the last century the French company built a new corporate headquarter combining the four cornerstones of its corporate culture: innovation, design, sustainability and technology.

The new office, a five-storey building – about 12,000 m2 – for 600 employees, is located in Alcobendas a town just outside of Madrid.

The main objective when it came to design the new workspace was to support collaboration. To achieve this, 80 meeting rooms were created varying sizes, privacy and equipment. Now spontaneous interaction can also take place in corridors and transit areas, where informal meeting zones invite colleagues to interact. Furthermore, the new space encourages employees to change postures, one is able to work either standing or sitting depending on the type of activity.

All areas are equipped with WLAN and cloud-based work platforms to foster mobility throughout the entire office.

Employees as well as managers don’t have any assigned workstations. As a result, communication has become more transparent and influences the company culture positively.

Promoting well-being and boosting creativity were among the top priorities when the new workspace was designed. Hence, the facilities support a healthy lifestyle with healthy food, an open-air terrace to take a break and recharge batteries and a gym to encourage movement.

Renault’s office in in Alcobendas is an innovative workspace where people feel as comfortable as at home.

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