Top Stories of 2018

Revisit the year’s 10 most popular 360 stories.

Cue the confetti! We’re counting down our top ten 360 Latest Articles of 2018. Catch the moments you missed and revisit your favorites.

Six Ways to Support Agile Teams

360 Magazine, Inside Innovation

In today’s unruly business climate, organizations have to think fast in the face of change. However, transitioning to agile is never easy, so we explored six ways our workspaces can support more agile teams. Our learning continued as Steelcase opened a new space designed for agile work.

Do All Open Plan Offices Kill Engagement?

Answer Beam; Open Office

Are open offices a collaboration killer? While many headlines declared it so after a new Harvard study was published, we took a closer look at the research and learned a lot more about what people are really looking for at work.

Find Your Fresh Perspective Outdoors: Design Q+A

We had a stack of questions for Extremis founder and lead designer Dirk Wynants. So, he sat down with us to share his approach to outdoor design, how he takes advantage of small outdoor spaces and why we all need to get outside a little more.

Fast Forward

Think the rotary phone seems archaic? You haven’t seen anything yet. Hop in – we’re headed to the future. Steelcase researchers analyzed the signals of change that surround us today to predict what our workspaces will look like in 10 years.

Future Work

Trends 360

As our relationship with technology takes more prominence in the workplace, one has to wonder what changes lie ahead. Can you examine these current trends to see what they say about tomorrow? View infographics.

What Workers Want

People know what they don’t want at work – endless monotony. What they do want is a lot more complicated. Of course, we dove right in to get all of the details. View infographics.

Inside Innovation

360 Magazine. Inside Innovation

Stroll through our newest Learning and Innovation Center in Munich to see how we’re reimagining the workplace. Employees can use the space as a tool for education, innovation and collaboration. Come on in!

Steelcase Introduces SILQ

What’s sleek, beautiful and a breakthrough in materials science? It’s SILQ! Meet the team behind our all-new chair that intuitively responds to human movement without the need to make adjustments. The chair does it for you.

Steelcase and west elm Announce Plans to Partner

This year, we were excited to announce the newest Steelcase partner, west elm. The west elm Work Collection, pairs west elm’s signature modern aesthetic with Steelcase’s workplace expertise and the reliability of the largest dealer network in the world.


And….drumroll please….the top story of 2018 is….

The Future is a Circle

Don’t be a square – the future belongs to the circular economy which promotes the concept of using resources for as long as possible and then finding ways to reuse them. In 2018, Steelcase was recognized among seven global organizations leading this charge for change.

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