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    With its contoured, upholstered seat balanced on a thin metal rod frame, Tide is simple yet aesthetically pleasing.

    The structural frame extends diagonally down from the seat, creating a larger footprint to the back and front than that of the seat itself. The expressed intersection floating below the seat provides structural integrity for the frame, which is further enhanced by the floating footrest below.

    surface materials

    This product is available in the following surface materials:

    Wire Frame: RAL 9006, Stone, Black, White, Gold, Taupe, Chrome, Industrial Silver, Bronze, Copper.

    Coloured Frame: Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Blue.

    Global Availability

    The product is available in the following regions:

    • Middle East
    • Europe
    • Africa
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    High Upholstered Stool

    Height: 760 mm
    Width: 490 mm
    Depth: 490 mm
    Seat Height: 760 mm
    Seat Depth: 470 mm