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    GoBright offers intuitive and customizable desk booking software, combined with optional modular hardware elements. Users can check the availability of workspaces and book any space in seconds.

    Create Your Personal Space

    The GoBright Connect is a unique, patented, piece of hardware that GoBright developed and can be built into at any desk. With the Connect device, you control your desk and create your personal space.

    Use the GoBright Connect to:

    • Check the availability of desks (LED light).
    • Check-in/-out at your desk.
    • Make ad hoc bookings.
    • Pre-set your personal sitting / standing height.
    • Activate the ‘do-not-disturb’ function.
    • Collect desk occupation data.
    • Find your desk (flashing LED light).


    About GoBright

    It all starts with smart software. GoBright’s desk booking software makes working in the office easier and smarter so that employees can spend their time more efficiently and work more productively.

    Users and administrators can access the GoBright portal through their mobile app – available on both iOS and Android – or via the online portal, on any device. Users can book spaces, manage existing bookings, find colleagues (optional), and see which spaces are booked at any given time.

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