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Virtual PUCK is a digital collaborative tool that allows meeting participants to share content wirelessly from a laptop, maintaining the simple “Open, Connect, Share” experience of media:scape.

Virtual PUCK seamlessly integrates with a media:scape setting, enabling information sharing from any participant, anywhere in the room, with a simple click of an icon or the touch of a physical PUCK.




The media:scape Virtual PUCK system is made up of several components:

Virtual PUCK Receiver: physical appliance installed inside a media:scape setting connected to the media:scape digital switcher or directly to a display.

Steelcase Application Server: virtual appliance installed on a host server to house the Virtual PUCK Admin Application.

Virtual PUCK Admin Application: software application hosted on the Steelcase Application Server; network communication mechanism for all Virtual PUCK Receivers and media:scape settings.

Virtual PUCK client software: Client application installed on end users’ laptops (Mac and Windows operating systems); user interface for “Open, Connect, Share” experience.


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Standard + Optional Features
Technical Specifications
Global Availability

Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features


Virtual PUCK Receiver. Physical appliance installed inside a media:scape setting connected to the media:scape digital switcher.

Steelcase Application Server. Virtual appliance installed on a host server to house the Virtual PUCK Admin Application.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Steelcase Applications Server

Virtual Appliance Delivery Method VMware vSphere ESXi: OVA; Microsoft Hyper-V: Archived Folder (ZIP); Citrix XenServer: Compressed OVA (TAR.GZ)
Web Interface media:scape Manager portal
Number of
Virtual PUCK Receivers
Database Internal


Resolution All native resolutions supported
Audio Supported for Windows
Frame Rate Up to 15 fps
Bandwidth Typical 1–2 Mbps (up to 5 Mbps per stream)
OS Support Mac OS X – versions 10.7 (Lion) through 10.13 (High Sierra); Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 (requires .NET 4.0)


Users Up to 8 connected users
Concurrent Streams 1 or 2
Video Output 1 or 2 (single- or dual-display media:scape)
Video Output Resolution Up to 1920×1080
Audio Output Not supported
Web Interface media:scape Manager portal
Connections (1) 8-wire RJ45 Female (10/100/1000 Mbps); (2) 19-pin HDMI Type A; (3) USB 2.0 Type A (future use); (4) 19VDC 3.42A
Included Hardware Virtual PUCK Receiver, Mounting Hardware Kit, Two 3′ HDMI Cables, 19VDC 3.42A Power Supply, AC Power Cord

Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America
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